Lately I’ve been pushed for time on all fronts, I did managed to get some more time on Quidam recently when a client in London was in a bit of a fix. Tony, can you create a poster for an event, I kinda need it tommorrow! Quidam turned out to be the perfect tool for creating a Dancer element. I find the program very good for customising and then posing a character. The ability to add props and paint textures is quite well implemented. For my renders I chose the cell shader look which was quite nice. The poster turned out quite well, although it wasn’t used it the end!
On the Antics side of things, I’m currently in R&D on a concept requiring an animated crowd presented in a timelapse style. The tests are looking really cool and the pipeline will probably include Antics and Quidam to build elements for Maya. The job is for later in the year so I’ll post some images once it’s gone to air. Antics is being used for previz on this job also.
For my day job I’ve been fortunate to have worked on around 20 shots for a feature that’s just about to be released. For our part the project was completed at 4k which was something new and way cool.