Toy Story took 800,000 render hours to complete what is still a fantastic example of 3d animation. This week

I’m very excited about Studio GPU and MachStudio Pro.
“StudioGPU’s MachStudio Pro reinvents the visualization workflow by putting the power of real-time graphics processing at your fingertips and real-time rendering on your desktop.
This isn’t just an incremental shift, but a bold change in the way 3D CGI is created!
MachStudio Pro lets you truly Work at the Speed of Thought!”

Judging by the look of the finished renders, a film like Toy Story could be rendered in less time than it took to render the original credits!

Running on Microsoft Windows with off-the-shelf computers and high-end graphics cards, the software features a nonlinear animation timeline providing for multiple layers of animation channels, unlimited camera setups which can be animated via splines or key frames, intuitive lighting set-up for designing both simple and complex light rigs, an interactive materials editor, and particle generator. All these features and more are available through an intuitive GUI, which allows for real-time manipulation of scenes. Check out the site.
This is great news for our Antics community. Although this product is aimed at a studio market, it shows that the future of realtime animation is alive and well.