Accurate scale – floorplan – CRIME SCENE

One of my kids is doing a school project, coincidently he’s doing forensics this year are reconstructing a crime scene! I found it amusing when he asked if he could use our Antics 3d application, given the direction Scene Systems are heading. Anyway he’s off and running and it’s an excellent example of how well suited Antics is to this type of use. The first thing we covered off was how to setup the floorplan to scale. He has a blueprint of a home and is wanting to build it in Antics3d. We set the plan up as a .jpg 512×512 pixels. Texture maps for billboards will be resized if they are not a variant of this size. (ie 256×256, 1024×1024, that sort of thing.) The plan here (so to speak) is to use a billboard with the floorplan texture applied as a template for our construction. Now simply create a billboard (“house”), rotate it so it’s flat on a floor plan and then you are ready to set the scale. We were lucky because we had a doorway which was labelled as 1m wide.
So in order to know what 1m was in the antics world, we built another billboard 1m by 1m. when rotated that to lay flat on the floor as well and then we could scale the “House” Billboard so that the doorway size matched the 1m Billboard. This gave us absolute confidence that the floorplan could now be traced with new rooms. A couple of good tricks, set the House billboard to FREEZE.
Set the texture of the rooms you build as transparent or 50% opacity. (that way you’ll be able to see the measurements). Try to not have overlapping floorplans/rooms, they will cause problems when you want characters to navigate from room to room.
As the project moves forward I’ll post the progress for you.

tutorial de storyboards

tutorial de storyboards 3D animados recorrendo à ferramenta Antics 3D

NEW Characters for Antics

I’ve been chipping away at the character creation challenge. You may have seen on my blog that I found some interesting examples of assets which Antics seemed to have purchase outright, (as opposed to creating them in house). So I’m thinking that at least a portion of some of the characters probably were outsourced also. So I went in search of fully rigged 3ds Max characters and found bucket loads. Of course almost all were expensive. Some came in to max and exported quite well. Others required a bit more 3ds Max knowledge than I currently posses.
With the 3ds Max Antics exporter, it’s now a given that Max is the only way to get extra character content into Antics. (with the exception of rigid body solutions. like the skeleton and Mech examples). Ultimately I’d like to learn enough to build my own character’s, import them into max, skin and rig them and sort out the bodyweights (that’s so the mesh doesn’t get messed up when the joints move). But for the mo, I’m happy enough experimenting with importing someone elses bipeds and perhaps modding them slightly.

Make Human , Ava Pack , AXYZ , Quidam , Poser , LP3d , proviz3d 123d buy3dmodels 3drt

Character Catalogue

thanks to el_fuica for the character catalogue!


Here’s the sales blurb….

Quest3D is a very flexible authoring environment for real-time 3D applications. It is packed with a huge set of features, very good support and very attractive license conditions. The edit-while-executing and graphical nature of Quest3D makes it one of the most intuitive tools to work with. Quest3D is used by hobbyists, educational institutions and big name companies. Projects include anything from small freeware games to huge industrial virtual reality setups.
Sounds Good. I’d like to check out the demo and see how it goes. It is quite pricey though.

Scene Systems – Proud Parents of LiveFrame

Here is a screenshot of LiveFrame, from the new owners of the product formerly known as Antics 3d. The jury is in, and the verdict on the future of the product development has been handed down. Scene Systems look to be a service provider, not a software provider. This means the product will certainly be developed as time goes on, but unless you create for Scene Systems, you’ll not get to see the newer versions of the technology first hand. Still, if Scene Systems are successfull in this new market, perhaps there’ll be an opportunity for those who have a skillset on the tools to freelance for them!

“Scene Systems turns complex expert testimony into powerful 3D animation that helps legal professionals prove their case in court. Unique LiveFrame(TM) technology delivers unprecedented flexibility and efficiency, producing high quality animations with a process designed to meet the demanding requirements of technical demonstrative evidence. Powerful visual persuasion, built for law. “

how to get antics

You may be interested to know Antics 3d version 3.1 featured on PC Utilities magazine coverdisc 99 . Original UK on sale date: 3rd Apr 2008 (USA 15th May 2008, Australia 5th Jun 2008)

You can order a back copy here They have a download section for software featured on the coverdisc here.

Antics 3d v.1 read more from Digital Arts and Microfilmmaker

You could also try getting a back order of edition 106 of 3D World

Once you do, check out the community forum

Antics Assets

Having a look through Turbo Squid I found this very familiar set.
Here I was thinking the artists at Antics had come up with a really cool set design. Still, it doesn’t take anything away from the huge body of work they were responsible for. If you happen across any assets you find that Antics outsourced or aquired, please add them in the comments section.

Antics3d v5 review

The new Antics 3d forum is growing and now has over 100 users. It is a great meeting place for Antics users of all levels.

There are many open topics for discussion, including a help section where Antics support staff are still actively helping out. Also there a many threads on asset creation and charcter development. As well Colonel_Klink has some great screenwriting articles.

Antics v5 is an excellent program for machinima and previz.

For a great breakdown of v5 check out this review ,
and thanks to prolific forum poster “Infocentral” for finding it.


Revenge from Pineapple Pictures on Vimeo.

This short project is Kate’s first experiments with Antics3d v5. Having never used this platform before I kept the animations very simple..walk, look, emote.The sets are adapted from Google warehouse downloads, and the final render was considerably mucked about with, using newbluefx.The music track features the track Rust from No Really, find more track by this artist on Jamendo

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