Here is a screenshot of LiveFrame, from the new owners of the product formerly known as Antics 3d. The jury is in, and the verdict on the future of the product development has been handed down. Scene Systems look to be a service provider, not a software provider. This means the product will certainly be developed as time goes on, but unless you create for Scene Systems, you’ll not get to see the newer versions of the technology first hand. Still, if Scene Systems are successfull in this new market, perhaps there’ll be an opportunity for those who have a skillset on the tools to freelance for them!

“Scene Systems turns complex expert testimony into powerful 3D animation that helps legal professionals prove their case in court. Unique LiveFrame(TM) technology delivers unprecedented flexibility and efficiency, producing high quality animations with a process designed to meet the demanding requirements of technical demonstrative evidence. Powerful visual persuasion, built for law. “